With AI technology, eliminate tedious tasks freeing coorporate workers to focus on higher value work.

Natural Language Processing Engine

  • Convert user action to natural language : Recognize user action by the recording function and convert it to natural language in real-time then show the result in Node UI.
  • Execute natural language based process : Execute proper process by analyzing the natural language. Applicable in various platforms.
  • Real-time natural language processing - Convert to machine language, Integratable to different platforms (chat-bot, AI speaker...)

Node based UI

  • Easy to use and handle the data in Node UI
  • Flexible to expand via another node
  • Convenient to use and edit with intuitive process and connection among other nodes

Analyze screen using AI

  • Recognize video streaming and texts with AI technology
  • Deliver the result and request another job via the natural language based chat-bot
  • OCR, NLP, Deep-learning technolgy