Business Area

With AI technology, eliminate tedious tasks freeing coorporate workers to focus on higher value work.
RPA quickly automates data verification, data migration between banking applications, customer account management, report generation, regional mortgage comparisons, form filling, financial claim processing, loan data updates, and bank document backups.
RPA quickly performs and optimizes hardware and software tests for functionality, loading, and mobile performance.
Collect and integrate data from customers' mobiles, back up customer system information and upload data to extract data about competitor pricing strategy and mobile manufacturing information.
RPA does a lot of work, including ERP automation, logistics data automation, data monitoring, and product price comparison.
RPA is a highly secure digital workforce that handles automatic subcontractor form generation, validation processes, application integration between legacy and new systems, and daily report generation.
RPA minimizes administrative burden on healthcare by automating patient data migration and processing, medical staff reports, medical bill processing, insurance data automation and claims processing, email triggering in medical billing systems, automated billing status / qualification, and storage of patient records.
RPA leverages ready-to-deploy, on-demand personnel to extract product data from the manufacturer's website, automatically update online inventory and product information, and import sales data via the website and email.
Accelerate digital transformation with RPA to automate payroll, benefits management, and compliance reporting.
Claim Process
Automate management and customer service activities related to billing, review, analysis, and remittance.
Automated back office and customer service operations processes, including opening and closing accounts and updating customer data for payment processing. By analyzing contract document, simplify document-centric risk assessment and loan process. Reinforce regulatory compliance by tracking, collecting and managing data to meet government regulatory requirements.
Reduce manual processing to automate large transactional tasks associated with document processing and validation Eliminate human error and audit readiness by creating bots that automate the process for your method with compliance work support