With AI technology, eliminate tedious tasks freeing coorporate workers to focus on higher value work.

1. Easy handling with medical image data

  • To analyze the medical image data such as dicom, nifti and multi-layered images, the pre-processing procedure is a lot more complicated compared to the general.
  • Sometimes, machine learning is used to capture the region of interests in pre-processing phase.
  • EasyML is handling everything even though users have no idea with machine learning or computer language.

2. Easy user interface for medical staffs

  • According to the feedbacks from the real users, less click and less page shift are more preferred than detailed controls.
  • By adopting a simple point and click interface, it makes medical staffs to use a lot easier.
  • EasyML is such a playground for the medical staffs to play with medical data!

3. De-identification of medical imaging data

  • If user upload some MR brain images, it fully anonymizes if the images contain facial features.
  • It masks out the face in an MRI making it impossible to “recognize” the subject so that protects the privacy of patients.
  • This procedure is operating locally, so only fully anonymized medical data will be moved to external space such as cloud and other server systems to be analyzed.